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Simon Napier-Bell, former Wham! manager and Protocol Media have produced George Michael Portrait Of An Artist the definitive portrait of the life of global megastar, George Michael.


Featuring exclusive interviews with those who knew George best, George Michael Portrait Of An Artist provides an in depth insight into George’s extraordinary life and career from the early days with WHAM! to his tragic demise in 2016.

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join us...

…as we celebrate the life of this legend with a film spanning the life and career of a singer, songwriter, and record producer who touched the world.

Through exclusive interviews with both family and his closest friends – including Stephen Fry, Stevie Wonder, and Sananda Maitreya – George Michael Portrait Of An Artist re-tells the story of the superstar who gained the respect of the world’s greatest musicians.



…of incredible archive, George Michael Portrait Of An Artist viewers are given an in-depth and colourful insight into the life of one of the world’s most important musicians as George’s friends and family take us through life as a hugely ambitious young pop-wannabee to becoming a world-renowned star, as well as his battles with drug problems and his sexuality.